AMD points out that Strange Brigade is optimized for AMD’s Ryzen processor and is compiled with Visual Studio 2017.

This new version of the game also contains AMD’s new multithreaded command buffer generation technology, which accelerates rendering by distributing work across several logical processors.


Strange Brigade is an upcoming third-person cooperative action game.

It plays similarly to Vermintide and Left 4 Dead, with puzzle elements mixed in.

There have been several preview events, including an ancient Egyptian theme where Team Eurogamer takes on the role of paranormal pirate lord Tiberian.

The cast of Strange Brigade is a raucous lot, each with its own story.

There’s the snarky Gracie, who provides the industrious muscle, and the veteran Frank who serves as the squad leader.

There’s also a pair of magicians, the classically-styled Archimedes and the vaguely racist Nalangu.

The latter is an amalgam of shaman stereotypes and tribalist stereotypes.

Despite its fun cast, Strange Brigade fails to do much to actively push against clich├ęs.

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